Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez (Owner, Producer & Composer) and Jochen Hennecke (Owner, CEO & Consultant)

Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez (Owner, Producer & Composer) and Jochen Hennecke (Owner, CEO & Consultant)



The team at Sonic Supertonic GmbH creates music and audio identity solutions. Partners Matthias Hillebrand (l.) and Jochen Hennecke (r.) founded the company in 2015, when they decided to have the effects of music and communication expertise benefit from one another. Essentially, to provide the most authentic sound for any given project, and to harness its emotional power for corporate, brand and marketing communication in new, effective ways, across all media.

Partners from day one are Philipp Schweidler and Florian Goetze at Department of Noise GmbH, one of the most established Swiss music production companies and well known for their work in pop music.



More about Matt

Already as a kid, Matt suspected that there was more to Help! than just The Beatles alone. A few years later he collaborated with famous Californian producer Sylvia Massy (i.a. Red Hot Chili Peppers) and worked at the legendary Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. Perfected his skills as a composer and music producer. His work in electronic, pop and rock music entered charts across Europe, and his film soundtracks regularly find their way into TV and cinema. Besides Sonic Supertonic GmbH, he is the proud owner of Manolita - our studio's puppy dog.

More about Jo

For almost 20 years now, music and marketing-communications have been Jo's two parallel universes. He has been working as a consultant for national and international agencies, on brand-building and award-winning content and social media campaigns, as well as writing and producing for his own metal band. Quite a stretch! And the best source of inspiration to effectively insert music in communications and to initiate collaborations between brands and artists. Working with Matt on several occasions during this time eventually led to bringing Sonic Supertonic GmbH to life.


The phatmedia production studios of Sonic Supertonic GmbH are located at the shores of Lake Zurich in Pfäffikon SZ. They've been built into an old warehouse, placed in a music-fueled environment with Seedamm music store and Onstage show-tech next door. The spacious facility consists of two control rooms, two recording rooms and a vocal booth, enabling us to work flexible. The studios are linked to high-speed internet and are equipped with all the tools and toys necessary to make your project heard in the best way. And up until now, everyone who came in, felt comfortable and left with a smile on the face.


Sonic Supertonic GmbH
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