To us, your commercial is Storytelling with a promise. Quick exposition. Changing Dynamics. single-minded Resolution. Got it!

More and more communication projects start with a music layout, to get a feeling for where it's headed. The arrangement of sound makes your story tangible. Instantaneously. Consequently, to be convincing and believable for consumers as well as brand associates.

Music & SOUND DESIGN for commercials

Music and sound design set much more than just the tone of your film. In collaboration with directors, producers and agencies we provide emotional context to support communication ideas and the message conveyed. From extensive experience in the field we understand to manage stakeholders by keeping focus on the essential: the emotional involvement of your audience.


Timing is everything. There is so much we can do with a sensitive touch and a pair of fresh ears. The trick is to do the right thing, the necessary and the significant. The way we approach editing, mixing and mastering, we are able to enhance the impact of your film substantially.


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