Why is it, that we love the music you're making? It's simple: Because you do.

An honest sound, a real emotion, a pure intention, a distinctive personality, not less than everything you've got. You sound as if your life depended on it. Great! Because, maybe it does?


You are good and you know it. It’s time to reach the next level and you are ready to get some new kicks. You came a long way forming your own voice. We will help you get through the extra mile. Crack open, dig in, sift through, carve out. Sounds like fun? Together we take a close look and get to the core of your artistic identity.


What makes a good song? What makes lyrics authentic? We help you get your ideas to the point where people eventually stop thinking and get soaked up in the atmosphere. Is there anything better, as when a song gets you moving, makes you want to fly?

Recording, mixing, mastering

Well...how about, we're actually capable of making you sound like you're supposed to? Honest and real. That takes an engineer melded with his gear, knowing exactly what he gets from it. A producer who can catch magic moments and create an inspiring atmosphere. And tons of fun. And a puppy. What do you say now?


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