Our passion is to transform your brand's idea into sound. So people really know, who they pay attention to. And talk about.

Sound and music have a massive influence on the emotional perception of a brand, its communication, a film or interactive applications. However, music and sound design are still too often treated like background noise. To us, sound is pivotal, because it is the only thing you can't just turn away from. Whatever you hear, you will always feel something. Only: what exactly is it?


By our systematic methods we find the key to your brand's sound. Starting with a brand value analysis, we step-by-step create compelling audio branding solutions, which consistently evoke your brand identity. Consistently implemented, your brand's distinctive sound is the most memorable identifier, from our understanding even more than most visuals.


New exciting content and earned media value drive competition. Especially in social media. As you're there anyway, create interest! Music triggers relation. Your own brand's audio content can be most valuable to connect. Have people motivated to communicate with you, to engage with you and experience what you are all about. We're happy to discuss how we can help leverage your campaign activities.


Building trust, keeping people at it by staying relevant and recognizable are your everyday challenges. To help meet those challenges, we create sound that is most effective to inspire what you stand for. Soundtracks, sound design, campaign songs, soundscapes – music essentially communicates who you are. It leaves its mark. What an opportunity!


When it comes to the choice of music for your content films, you regularly face a problem. Where do I get music immediately that matches with my brand values? Usually a contradiction, as composition takes time and archive music is replaceable. Our versatile modular system is able to solve this. Take a look!

See how LAYERBOXX works and what it can do for you. Jochen from Sonic Supertonic and Ph!l!pp from Department of Noise explain. Layerboxx was developed by Department of Noise GmbH.


Whatever project you are on, sound can play a crucial part in it. The challenge for individual and authentic audio solutions will make us listen closely. With strategic thought, a solid network of musicians, and high-end music production skills, we harness the emotional power of sound for your corporate, brand and marketing communication activities, in any given media or format.


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